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Hailing from Hainan Island, Mr. Say Lip Hai made his mark in Singapore when he joined the British troops in Sembawang as a cookboy. Here, he mastered the art of preparing the perfect roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

In 1966, an encounter with a British housewife sparked the idea of starting a catering business in her husband’s pub at Killiney Road. Mr. Say Lip Hai and Jack Hunt laid the foundation of what would become Jack’s Place, commencing their partnership in 1968. Although Jack Hunt later departed, ‘Jack the Chef’ continues to helm the kitchen with pride.

Since its inception, Jack’s Place has been synonymous with quality yet affordable steaks. Today, it has evolved into a beloved steakhouse in Singapore where families
and friends gather to relish sizzling steaks, special meals
and delectable cakes.

Jack’s Place remains committed to serving top-notch but affordable steak and ensuring memorable dining experiences. With a cheerful and cosy ambience, it remains Singapore’s go-to spot for hearty Western fare.

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Steakhouse Menu

Jack’s Place offers an extensive menu catering to various tastes, from hearty steaks to flavourful pastas, fresh seafood and hearty salads. Whether you’re a meat lover or prefer lighter options, our steakhouse menu has something for everyone.

While every dish at Jack’s Place is carefully crafted, a few standouts deserve special mention. Here are some of our top-selling favourites that will tantalise your taste buds and keep you returning for more.

Must-Try Dishes

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Escargots in Shell with Garlic Butter

steakhouse singapore

Jack’s Special Steak

Our Steakhouse Team

Our journey began with our Founder, Mr. Say Lip Hai, who honed his culinary skills as a cookboy from the British troops in Sembawang. Today, as the third generation takes over the helm of the family business, Alvin and Jason, both integral members, bring their combined expertise to key roles.

Alvin, now as our Chief Operating Officer assumes a pivotal role in leading a culinary team as he brings a wealth of culinary expertise to his leadership role. Driven by a real passion for culinary arts, he pursued further education, enrolling in the SHATEC Culinary Diploma program in 2020 to augment his expertise.

He now spearheads R&D initiatives for new dishes and steakhouse menus and oversees the production process in our central kitchen, where we produce our signature soups, sauces and ready-to-eat meals. Additionally, he supervises the handling of meat products imported directly from New Zealand and the production of bakery items such as our popular cakes and pastries.

But that’s not all – Alvin also optimises the company’s sourcing and supply chain capabilities to improve cost-effectiveness.

During his leisure time, Alvin enjoys a good soccer game, a common passion he shares with Jason, our Chief Operations Officer, who oversees the operational aspects of all 13 restaurants in his portfolio.

Their strong bond extends outside of work, strengthening the sense of teamwork within our steakhouse.

Book a Private Event Space

Looking for a top-notch venue in Singapore for your next event? Consider Jack’s Place, the ultimate steakhouse in Singapore. Whether it’s a small social gathering or a large company event, Jack’s Place ticks all the boxes.

With an affordable steakhouse menu and a wide selection of delectable Western food options, your guests will surely be impressed. Our cheerful and cosy ambience creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for any occasion.

From birthdays to corporate dinners, Jack’s Place caters to all. Our steakhouse menu is perfectly crafted, ensuring a delightful dining experience for everyone. Book now and make your next event unforgettable at Jack’s Place!

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