JP Pepperdine Group

We spice up your dining experience.

 In the food service industry, every little gesture counts. Diners know it when a food establishment is out to wow them. They can taste it in the food, feel it through the service, and see it from the way the restaurant is set up.

 This special experience is what diners have come to link with our group of restaurants that started with the popular Jack’s Place Steakhouse in 1966, followed by Eatzi Gourmet divisions (Steakhouse, Bakery and Catering) and Yeh Ting.

 What inspired us to create this unique experience for our guests? Interestingly, it is a lesson that we take from the kitchen itself. Drawing on the admirable qualities of pepper, we aspire to spice up the dining experience in all ways, big and small. In big ways, we will be adventurous, sizzling up the F&B scene with fresh concepts and food creations. In small ways, we dedicate ourselves to delight our patrons through our food, service and atmosphere. Which is why, we are now the JP Pepperdine Group, named after that extraordinary spice itself.

In all that we do, quality and value will always be our benchmarks. It is our hope that our guests take home with them a lingering fondness, and the knowledge that for the price they pay, they really have much more in return.